The New Ruckus

A mutual support organization for
the people who invent new music

We are composers, improvisers, sound artists, and songwriters. Our mission is to help each other achieve a sense of purpose and satisfaction in our musical lives, by providing moral support and practical help in creating our work, getting it heard, and making personal connections through it.

What We Do

Composer Nights

Formerly known as the Tuesday Salon

Hear handcrafted music, and meet the people who made it. Friendly, fun, and surprisingly varied!

A partnership with Zeitgeist.

Music Tech Meetups

Use a computer for audio production? Notation? Sound generation? Just need a web site?

You’re not alone. Bring questions! Bring answers!

A partnership with Slam Academy.

We specifically focus on non-selective activities that benefit the whole composer community: nothing we do is judged, juried, curated or auditioned. Our programs are either open to all, or first come first served. If we do it for anyone, we do it for everyone.

The events we sponsor with a physical location are generally in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, but we welcome the participation of musical inventors everywhere.